Specialising in pond, lake and river management

The Broads has seen vast change in the last 30 years. What was a simple recreational waterway in the 1980's is now the largest protected wetland in the UK. At every step of this journey, Amis people have played a key role in local development and preservation.

Over this time we've had the opportunity to work closely with many wonderful clients, including:

  • The Broads Authority
  • Natural England
  • The Environment Agency
  • The Water Management Alliance
  • Norfolk Wildlife Trust
  • Local Marinas and Developers
  • Sailing Clubs and Associations
  • Estate Owners
  • Parish Councils
  • Private Residential Clients

Our Services

Pond & Lake management
We provide a range of services for Ponds and Lakes, from construction, maintenance and restoration.
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Dredging & Silt Removal
To provide project evaluation, environmental support and contract works, across all dredging and sil...
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Quay Heading & Piling
To provide project solutions for erosion control methods, including ‘soft and hard engineered’ solu...
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SUDS Installation & Design
To provide SuDS Design, Installation and Maintenance services.
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Weed Control
To provide an aquatic weed, reed cutting and wetland management service.
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Project Management
Project management service to provide, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve a projec...
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Gabion Work
We are able to create free standing or interconnecting Gabion cages, formed from welded or woven wir...
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Water Treatment Plants and Cesspits
Where connection to a public sewer is unavailable, a septic tank or sewage plant will be required. A...
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Wood and Green Waste Shredding
Wood & Green Waste Shredding
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